How I Got Here

I am a 21 year old fashion student studying at Coventry University. I have had an interest in fashion from a young age and have always preferred art and textiles throughout my whole education. It wasn’t until my final year of high school when I got to decide what subjects I wanted to focus my study on, I knew I wanted to go down the creative route. I originally come from a small country side town in Suffolk, but have always had family and friend connections in Coventry. 

I am currently on a placement year to gain some experience within the fashion industry. This blog is to mainly document what I get up to on my placement and hopefully discover knew inspiration that may help me when I finally go into my third year. I knew from first year that I was going to take a year out as I had no industry experience and after looking through portfolios of the types of things third years got up to I started to get excited.

I was lucky enough to win a placement with Tatty Devine in London, but the lack of funds, being a student, and living 3 hours away meant I would be unable to find accommodation or commute. As I already had family and friends in Coventry I decided to look for placements in and around that area, until I cam across one in Birmingham. Hissy Fit is a clothing company that is run solely by Danielle, she relies solely on interns to help with the processing of orders, maintaining the website and social media sites and help with coming up with new designs. I was surprised that when I looked into applying for this internship all I had to do was email about my interest in applying and got an immediate reply to go meet her. We communicated through email for a while before the email with just a casual conversation about why I am on placement, which uni I go to and where I will be staying for the duration of my placement year. For the interview all I had to bring was a small portfolio of just bits and pieces of my best work. I was offered a three day week placement at Hissy Fit. I am really enjoying working for Danielle and I am really starting to understand what goes into running your own business and all the hard work that you will have to put in to make it successful.

I am currently still looking for other placements as I would like to get as much experience as I can.



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