First Days


Everyone knows first days can be nerve wracking. On the first day of my placement working at Hissy Fit clothing I was bombarded with new information and surroundings, that was all before I even started any work!, there is however things i discovered you can do to make your first day in the fashion industry go a lot smoother.

Don’t be late! this is a no brainer, you should always be on time. If like me your only mode of transport is to commute, make sure you set your alarm nice and early and plan your route the night before. Allow yourself a good margin for error to save the embarrassment of excuses. To be on the safe side I personally like to do the route a few days in advance to familiarise myself with the surroundings.

Don’t over do it. Because your an intern for a fashion company doesn’t mean everything is ‘Devil wears Prada’. Look professional and well groomed, you are there to work not to catch peoples eye. I would also recommend something comfy on your feet, as an intern expect to do a lot of walking. Spontaneous treks into town to pick up supplies in heeled boots isn’t fun. Try planning your outfit the night before to save time in the morning.

If you don’t know, ask. Its your first day,no one is going to expect you to know everything, and it can take a bit of time getting to know your way around the studio. The people in charge would rather you take the time to ask them rather than guess and have everything go horribly wrong. Have a notebook handy to jot information down, otherwise you may feel you are frustrating your colleagues by constantly asking questions.

Finally, make your impression count!. Thfirst few weeks of any new job or internship is mainly based on finding out your strengths and weaknesses and your willingness to learn or do things. After this when they have built up a trusted image of you as reliable, friendly, hardworking and dedicated then you can start relaxing into your role a bit more. Just remember to always show a positive working attitude and never turn down any job given to you, no matter how nitty gritty it is.


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