My First Week As A “Hissy Fit” Intern

My first week as a Hissy Fit intern was pretty amazing as far as new experiences go. Hissy Fit is a small sassy company half way through its second year of trade, it is also run solely by Danielle (one of the nicest people I have ever met).

On my official first day I was shown around the studio and the rest of the building as we did a run through of the typical health and safety rules. So I could get an idea of what working for Hissy Fit would entail my first job was to be a shadow. I Learnt pretty much everything that goes into owning and running a business such as;

  • Packing/sorting stock
  • Updating social media pages (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Processing packing orders
  • Planning & organising photo shoots

As the week progressed things started getting more exciting. There were days when all I had to do was sit at a sewing machine tagging and labelling then folding and packing, all of which are very crucial to processing orders on time. Then I got to tag along to my first Hissy Fit photo shoot, which I was in charge of documenting for various social media sites and “snap chatting” the behind the scenes to promote the release of new products. There were a lot more tasks you’d expect a typical intern to be given but I will spare you the boring details, not everything about fashion is fabulous (especially when your organising coat hangers).

All pictures in this post are of Hissy Fit products, to see more head to the official website or follow Hissyfitclothing on Instagram.


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