Blackpool Weekend


If like me, you grew up in a little town near the coast, moving to live or work in the city makes you realise how you took the beach for granted. After a few weeks in the groggy city the opportunity to go for a weekend, beach get away was to good to pass up. I highly recommend this to those who feel the city life is starting to become a bit suffocating.

Blackpool beach, although mostly known for its pleasure beach and rowdy nights out, is still one of the most picturesque coastlines in Britain (in my opinion) giving me the opportunity to get a few snaps for the scrap book. Who knows it may even give me some inspiration for future projects.


Of course like any other holiday or get away you need some sort of souvenir to remember your time away. What more appropriate than to purchase some shells. I know it would be cheaper to walk along the beach and dig around the sand for your own, but really, and I am sure you’d agree, the ones you buy are 10 times better and are still a hundred percent real.


If you’re a Fashion student currently on your placement like me, I recommend using your time to not only find internships, but to travel as much as possible. By doing this not only are you going to acquire travelling experience, you will also be discovering new places and surroundings that one day might inspire the creative side of you. Be it in the UK or somewhere more exotic across the world.


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