Photo Shoot Fun

As you may have read in my previous post “My First Week As A Hissy Fit Intern” you will know, as part of my internship I get to assist in the planning and organising of photo shoots. The first shoot I did, was to promote the Hissy Fit Halloween collection. Bellow is a few photos that were taken on the shoot and more can be found on the “Hissy Fit” Instagram page and the “Hissyfitbitches” Snapchat username.


For this shoot Danielle wanted me to experiment with different textured and coloured backgrounds to make the garments stand out. We also used “props” such ¬†as embroidered shells, letters and tinsel.

Another photo shoot I got the opportunity to attend was for the official Hissy Fit website for the new collection. My job on this shoot was mainly to document behind the scenes for social media pages and to live stream the shoot on snapchat.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Models: Ellie and Hanna

Photographer: Danielle Graham

If your liking what you see, more photos like this can be found on the website, where you can also purchase all of these great designs.


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