Birmingham Custard Factory

As you may not know, the company “Hissy Fit” is based in a studio in Birmingham custard factory. The Custard Factory is an independent shopping destination and a creative and digital business work space. The bright multicoloured buildings and the streets of never ending street art makes it a really creative and inspiring place to be.

The best part about all the street art, is it provides great photography opportunities. Working for a fashion company in a location like this means, you will never have to travel far or run out of backdrops for photo shoots. There has been more than one occasion where a spontaneous shoot has been sprung on me to promote and advertise a new product.


Along side the amazing street art there are also plenty of grand sculptures, some taller than a two story building. From “The Green Man” by sculptor Toin Adams to the giant “J.F Kennedy Memorial” by artist Kenneth Budd. Inspiration can be found around every corner and I thoroughly recommend, that if your ever in Birmingham, go to the custard factory grab a coffee and enjoy the artistic surroundings.




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