Working at Hissy Fit, I am giving various jobs and responsibilities. Among these is Computer skills. Today I was asked by Danielle, if I could use Illustrator to draw up some flats of all her Hissy Fit products that are currently up on the website. As Hissy Fit is solely run by Danielle, the manufacturing of all garments are done for her in a small factory close by. 

All pictures below are illustrations of Hissy Fit products.



When drawing up technical drawings of your designs you need to make sure that you make it clear how you want your garment to be made, especially if you are having someone else make it for you. Things to make sure you include is seams, fastenings, front view, back view and the inside of the garment. Another good thing to include in your illustration is a fabric or colour swatch to show what will be used to make them. If you run your own clothing company you may find keeping a file of illustrations will help keep you organised, instead of messily rummaging through stock to find something because you cant quite remember what fastening or seam you used.

I thoroughly recommend that if your ever looking to intern or work in the fashion industry, definitely take the time before to practice or brush up on you computer design skills, it will be a great addition to your CV.



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