Happy Halloween

Everybody loves Halloween, no matter what age you are everybody looks forward to dressing up and painting on a scary face. It also gives us all an excuse to go out and spend money on a new outfit to wear for all those Halloween parties. 

Speaking of outfits, for the past week at Hissy Fit, its been all about promoting this years “Creepy Collection” on Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. Bellow are just a few of the pictures which I took that are now on all Hissy Fit social media.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photo shoots are a big part of my job as an intern at Hissy Fit (as you may already know from previous posts), because its still a small business, we are always using online platforms as a way of promoting. Me and Danielle are always thinking up new ideas and ways we could photograph products and use different medias put on social media. Being interactive with your customers is a key way to guarantee sales, the more we post the more orders come in. People always appreciate a quirky little video or Boomerang.

Next week we are planning on revamping the Hissy Fit website, so you will be seeing plenty more photo shoots in the future and maybe even some Photoshop. Me and Danielle have already been brainstorming some new ideas and catchy slogans which are sure to excite the customers.


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