Promoting and Designing New Stock

Due to Hissy Fit launching new products on social media, my job this week was to make illustrations of the new garments and create a graphic for the Hissy fit homepage to promote the new party wear.

Above are some illustrations of Hissy Fits new crop top’s;

  • Spellbound Crop Top
  • Strawberry Milkshake Crop Top
  • Bloodthirsty Crop Top

A big part of my internship involves a lot of Computer Aided Design work, as part of my responsibilities involve updating and designing for the website. I also am given the opportunity design and illustrate new stock.

A few more new designs are the party mini dresses, Plums the Word, Oh Cherry Baby, Blueberry Juice and Appleteaser;


You can find all these on the Hissy Fit Website-

For the website Danielle wanted a me to think of a catchy slogan for the Hissy Fit website to promote there mini dresses. As there was an obvious theme of fruit I went with things along the lines of ‘Fresh and Fruity’, ‘Pick of the Bunch’ and ‘Ripe and Ready’. She mainly wanted me to play around see what I could come up with to give her some inspiration, but luckily enough she liked what I came up with and used it on the homepage.


For something quite small was actually a big achievement for me, as doing small stuff like this gives Danielle the confidence in me take over more big jobs, Like possibly running the business! but I will talk about that in  another post!


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