Creating Graphics and Training

This week, Danielle left me in charge of designing the Hissy Fit website homepage. I had to design website graphics to promote products and sales.

The first graphic I was asked to make was to promote velvet. We thought as we have so many products which are Velvet, we needed an interactive graphic on the homepage to promote it to the Hissy Fit followers.

graphic-1The second was the main homepage graphic. When I made this it was also the first time I was taught by Danielle how to use photoshop to make a Gif. Not going to lie, before starting my internship I was actually scared of photoshop as I had no idea how to use it and I just found it very confusing. But after just 6 weeks into my year out I pretty mush know all the basics and am able to do things id never dream of knowing how to do two month ago (like a GIF). Once I knew what I was doing you could say we got a bit carried away with making GIF’s as now half the Hissy Fit website and social medias are full of them!gold-dress-graphic-new

As for the training if you read my last post “Promoting and Designing new stock” you may have noticed I mentioned possibly being in charge of Hissy Fit for a while. As it so happens the person I am doing my internship with has asked me with the help of other interns to be in charge for 5 days as she has gone on holiday. My responsibilities while she is away would include customer service, taking in orders, processing and packing orders, mailing orders, sending out order and processing returned orders. You may think that a bit much for someone who’s only been an intern for a little over a month. But I was up for the challenge and imagine the experience this would give me for running my own business, so for the next week I am being trained to run the Hissy Fit Business! (but only for a little while).



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