Working With Other Brands in the Custard Factory

While working for Hissy Fit, Danielle obviously has a lot of connections with other brands, that she has worked or collaborated with in the past. It just so happened that this week Nicola needed a hand with a photo shoot to promote some new designs. On this photo shoot I got to assist with dressing the model as well as actually doing some photography myself. Nicola also had me taking short videos on boomerang for Instagram.

I realise, a big part of a career in fashion is networking. While on my placementĀ I have noticed, you get approached by a lot of other similar brands who want to work together with you to promote there products and your own. Danielle receives a lot of requests for collaborative photo shoots.

Taking a year out will give me that opportunity to do as much networking as I can. And working with Hissy Fit will give me the chance to make friends with other brands and interns, which may benefit me in the future if I wish to start my own business.

To see more of Nicola Brighton’s work you can find her on




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