Commuting is a thing that pretty much nearly everyone will go through in their life. As I am unable to drive that means most of my days consist of a lot of walking, catching a bus and finally a train. I can safely say commuting will never ever be a peaceful or enjoyable activity. Also as an intern, it’s rare you will find somewhere which pays you a wage but if your lucky they may be nice enough to cover your travelling expenses, which is a plus!

Here are some of the do’s and don’ts I think is important when commuting;


Prepare Yourself: I’d say this is pretty important, set an alarm that gives you plenty of time to get up showered and ready for the day, so you don’t end up rushing yourself because your late for your bus or train. Also pack your bag the night before. This is essential for those who rely on phones and laptops as there is nothing more frustrating than a low battery and forgetting to pack a charger!

Keep yourself entertained: Take a book or a set of headphones, keep yourself busy. This is essential for those really long journeys, otherwise you’ll end with you eyes wandering and making awkward eye contact with another commuter. By giving yourself something to do it will make the journey feel a whole lot quicker, it would also help get you through those unexpected delays!

Smile!: Let’s face it everyone around you is in the same boat, true it can be pretty depressing and repetitive some days but it wont get any better unless you suck it up and just accept its one of those things everybody has to go through. You’ll have you fair run in with people who obviously got up on the wrong side of the bed that morning but if you keep smiling that will annoy those miserable people more. Kill them with kindness!


Take up more than one seat: Everybody’s feet hurt after a long hard day, this however is no excuse to start being selfish and refusing someone else the seat next to you. The same goes for putting your bag/ bags beside you, a seat is for sitting. Plus it will only make the other grumpy passengers grumpier if they have to stand and your journey will consist of glares and angry mumbles.

Stare: Sometimes it seems unavoidable or you don’t even notice you’re doing it, maybe you were daydreaming and someone’s walked into your eye line. This is exactly why keeping yourself entertained is important as it prevents these awkward situations. On the plus side, you’re probably never going to see the person you were gazing at for half an hour, ever again.

Fall asleep: This is an obvious one, the possibilities of what could happen are endless if you fall asleep on public transport. The main one being missing your stop, there is nothing worse than waking up and not knowing where you are or which bus or train you’d need to catch to get back. Another reason why you should never fall asleep is snoring, not only will it be really embarrassing finding everyone staring at you after making all that racket but it would be really annoying for other commuters.  And finally falling asleep on the person sitting beside you, now you can imagine the scenario for yourself and just hope you never bump into that person ever again.

Everyone’s commute is different, just try to sit back, relax and enjoy it.


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