Updating the website

As it’s nearing closer to the holidays, we’ve had a load of new stock come in ready for the party season, so part of my job has been to update the website with some new images/ GIF’s. Everyone will be getting three outfits ready for Christmas and New Years, so we have been spending a lot of time on social media promoting the new party wear.



I have also been asked to prepare some graphics for the website. This will be ready for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years, When I would have gone home for the holidays. And these will then go live on the website.




While at Hissy Fit I get to spend a lot of time on Illustrator and Photoshop. Also ever since I had the opportunity to take over the business for Danielle while she was away, I have been doing a lot more of the admin work, taking care of orders and replying to customers. I think in my whole time as a Hissy Fit intern I have only ever done two typical intern jobs. The first was organizing a massive bag of coat hangers, and the other was running into town to get supplies for a photo shoot. I am glad I took a year out but I am also grateful I got a placement at Hissy Fit, as I am starting to feel a part of the team and I cant wait to see what happens after Christmas.


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