Walk In The Woods

The most exciting thing about my Christmas Holidays, was getting to go home back to the countryside and spending time with my family. 

Over the holidays after gorging myself on Christmas mince pies, we thought of nothing better to do than to go down to the woods and walk it off. While out on this walk I realised you don’t need to travel the world  to find interesting and inspiring places. sometimes they can be right on your doorstep.

While growing up, I was surrounded by fields and farming, learning the value of growing your own food and spending your free time with your friends down the road in the muddy ditches of the marshes. Now I am older my life is more centred around technology and social media. So its nice to go home for a bit where theirs barely any signal and no internet hot spots and give all that a break.

Doesn’t mean I ditch the camera, as I wasn’t going to pass up on getting some of those nature shots. As much as I am loving the city life, there really is no place like home.


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