So Far…

What I have learnt so far from doing a professional enhancement year is that doing an internship was the best decision I made. Just from the past six months I have gained some valuable hands on experience. As someone who wishes to one have an established brand and my own business, an internship has given me an insight to the hard work and dedication it takes to achieve this.

Other benefits of taking a professional enhancement year, is I have had the opportunity to gain some new skills. For example I have been trained in admin and had the chance to actually run a business for a few days, this entailed updating websites, processing and packaging orders and customer services and answering customers questions. As well as admin I have been able to improve my adobe skills, by creating illustrations and designing graphics for social media sites and the website.

Thinking back to the end of my first year, the thought of doing an internship was actually quite scary and at the time I didn’t really consider doing one. But after pushing myself to apply and gaining such a valuable experience, its definitely the best thing I could have done. Not only does it look good on a CV, but most importantly for me it has made me gain confidence and grown as a person.


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