Updating My CV

With not long left till the end of my placement I have decided to spend some of my free time updating my CV. After looking through my current CV I felt it no longer looked suitable to me aesthetically. 

The one on the left is my original CV, noticeably the layout itself is very much the same as I thought it was clear to read. Another difference is the change of tag line from Fashion Design Student to Illustrator and Womens Wear Designer. The reason why I chose to, at first, have it as Fashion Design Student is because I was unsure of my own career goals. But after doing an internship I know exactly what career it is I would like to pursue.

I have decided to decorate my CV with some of my own illustrations i’ve done as a show of some skills and to accentuate the fact that I am looking to have a career that involves illustrations.

I feel my new CV is clear and up to date with all my Fashion Industry experiences, including my latest internship. I hope it looks professional and will appeal to any of my future employees.



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