After Graduation

What are my plans after Graduation?

After I graduate the plan is mainly to look for a job, this is something I will be aiming to do throughout my third year along side my projects. I will be filling out as many applications for jobs and will be getting my portfolio and CV out there as much as possible.

Where do I want to go after I graduate?

One thing I do regret from my placement year is not taking the opportunity to work abroad. I will be looking mainly for jobs in the UK, but a dream would be able to get the chance to travel and maybe try getting a job that involves travelling. 12 months ago I was a very inexperienced traveller/ commuter, but after doing an internship in which I had no choice but to commute has built up my confidence of travelling alone.

Where do I see myself 5 years after graduation?

I would like to have my own independent brand, but after my internship I now appreciate the hard work and dedication it takes to start up your own business. Although its definitely something I am considering and wanting to do in my future, I would like to start of working for an already established brand, to learn and gain a bit more experience. I have learnt vital skills that I would never had the opportunity to learn while at university, which will be vital for me when and if I eventually do decide to start my own business. This was an opportunity I am glad I took and I encourage everyone to do the same.


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