Festival Preparation part 2

As you know we are sorting out our festival wear ready for the summer. This week was all about more social media promotion and photographing stock for both the website and the Instagram page. Continue reading


Getting Ready For Valentines day

Valentines day is approaching and we’ve just had new stock come in for this occasion. To keep the Hissy Fit customers up to date we have been using mail chimp to create weekly news letters, to let people know whats on sale and when we will be launching the Valentines lingerie collection. Continue reading


Commuting is a thing that pretty much nearly everyone will go through in their life. As I am unable to drive that means most of my days consist of a lot of walking, catching a bus and finally a train. I can safely say commuting will never ever be a peaceful or enjoyable activity. Also as an intern, it’s rare you will find somewhere which pays you a wage but if your lucky they may be nice enough to cover your travelling expenses, which is a plus! Continue reading