Updating My CV part 2

After updating my CV the first time I sent it off for some feedback. I got a few helpful tips on how I could make it look more professional and what i could improve on. Continue reading


Having A Revamp And Chilling Out

Today we had a really chilled day in the Hissy Fit studio. Once I arrived me and Danielle just made a coffee, opened up our laptops and found ourselves in stitches over discussing our love for really bad low-budget horror films. It was really nice to just have a day where we weren’t rushing around organising stock and processing orders. I also think its important to have that time to just talk and get to know who you’re working for.  Continue reading


Working at Hissy Fit, I am giving various jobs and responsibilities. Among these is Computer skills. Today I was asked by Danielle, if I could use Illustrator to draw up some flats of all her Hissy Fit products that are currently up on the website. As Hissy Fit is solely run by Danielle, the manufacturing of all garments are done for her in a small factory close by.  Continue reading

Photo Shoot Fun

As you may have read in my previous post “My First Week As A Hissy Fit Intern” you will know, as part of my internship I get to assist in the planning and organising of photo shoots. The first shoot I did, was to promote the Hissy Fit Halloween collection. Bellow is a few photos that were taken on the shoot and more can be found on the “Hissy Fit” Instagram page and the “Hissyfitbitches” Snapchat username. Continue reading