Considering my future?

While taking this year out, it hasĀ become more clear to me that owning my own business is definitely something I would like to be able to achieve, but not only that I have discovered a new found love for creating illustrations and I am in the process of starting up an Instagram page where I an going to share my ideas.

The inspiration for my illustrations will be from mostly my surroundings or my imagination. But I know for sure after getting the opportunity to work in a placement where my job was to mostly make illustrations and graphic designs, this is definitely something I enjoy and would like to keep on doing.


Updating the website

As it’s nearing closer to the holidays, we’ve had a load of new stock come in ready for the party season, so part of my job has been to update the website with some new images/ GIF’s. Everyone will be getting three outfits ready for Christmas and New Years, so we have been spending a lot of time on social media promoting the new party wear. Continue reading